What is your inheritance?

Hello, heiress of God!

Today, I want to share with you what the Lord has spoken to me upon reading  Joshua chapter 13 in the Bible this week.

This particular chapter in Joshua talks about the dividing of the promised land to the tribes of Israel. Every tribe was given a piece of land according to what the Lord instructed. Imagine having an entire land for an inheritance!

Everything was divided accordingly until I reached verse 14.

“Only unto the tribe of Levi he gave none inheritance…”

I immediately got stuck in that verse as I thought about it more. A lot of questions entered my mind. Why did the tribe of Levi receive nothing? Did their fathers disobey the Lord in some way that resulted to them not having a land in the promised land? Is this a blessing or a curse? But because the Bible is the Perfect Book, it speaks for itself and it explains itself, let’s look at the continuation of the verse for the answer.

“… the sacrifices of the LORD God of Israel made by fire are their inheritance, as he said unto them.”

Then I read some more, until I reached the last verse of this chapter, verse 33.

“But unto the tribe of Levi Moses gave not any inheritance: the LORD God of Israel was their inheritance, as he said unto them.”

Wow. What a privilege and an honor to have the LORD God of Israel for an inheritance!

What does this mean, though? You may ask.

As I have learned in church and Sunday School, God chooses Israel’s priests exclusively from the tribe of Levi.  I believe, in this simple verse, the Lord reminded me that there is no greater inheritance than the Lord Jesus Christ.

For those who have not received Christ yet as their Lord and personal Savior, one way to put this is the fact that you could gain the whole world if you can, but if you do not have Jesus Christ in your life, you have nothing and you are nothing.

Or you may be like me.

A planner, a dreamer… I had hoped for so many things in life before, career-wise. I had once hoped, for a loooong time, to be in the writing industry. I wanted to be in the media, work a job that would require researches, travel, write ups, meetings, etc… and nothing wrong with all of that! As long as that is what the Lord has called you to do, you are in the right track. But for me, the Lord had a different plan. I believe my calling is to be in the ministry full-time. Currently, I am employed as one of the church’s secretaries. By God’s grace, I am involved in Sunday School and other different ministries of our church. And though no workplace is ever perfect, I love where I am now and I am happy with what the Lord has given me.

But this has never been an easy journey.

There would still be times when I would find myself looking at the pictures of my former college batchmates who are now working in different newspaper and TV company, and I would wonder, “What if I were in their position?”

Thankfully, the Lord would always snap me back to reality and would speak to me through His word every time He sees me struggling.

Today, you may be struggling with the same thing. Maybe you have been in the ministry long enough and may start to feel weary. Or you are facing a fork in the road and do not know which path to take.

I do not know where the Lord is calling or leading you today… however, as cliche as it may sound, i do know this: Wherever He leads you, whatever He has called you to do, that is your inheritance. And that is the greatest inheritance you will ever receive. 

So heiress of God, straighten your crown and keep walking with the King. ♥

Jesus Christ is the Difference


Image Credit: ‘Hemingway’s Typewriter’ by Shiny Things via Flickr Creative Commons

Though writing has always been my first love, it wasn’t always very easy. Even after a decade or two of loving writing, I still find it so difficult most of the times. I believe it was easier when I was younger. I was so confident. I didn’t mind what other people would say. I didn’t mind other people. I just wrote. And I believe that’s what made it special. It was raw, it was real, it was me. But when I grew up, a lot of questions had to be answered before clicking the Publish button. Is it too long already? Would the people read this? Did I miss a spelling? How’s my grammar? I became self conscious and my writing came out thoroughly edited, but very stiff. Very apathetic. Monotonous. As the years passed by, it became lifeless.

Over time, I lost my will to write. I lost my confidence. I stopped believing in the talent the Lord has given me. I would write anonymously for fear that people would see the “stupid” me. I especially became more secretive in my identity when I started this blog for fear of the judging eyes as I shared bits and pieces of my life where the Lord is at work .

As I continued to doubt myself and hide behind my laptop screen, I envied other Christian bloggers who write their stories for everyone to read without fear. I would think, “If only I had brains like that.

Then I questioned, “What makes them different? We have the same stories to tell, we use the same medium. We use the same words… we even almost have the same ‘About me’ page… we all say in our ‘About me’ page that our blogs were created for the purpose of giving God the glory for all the things He is doing in and through our lives… So, what makes them different?

By God’s grace, I received my answer.

Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the difference.

I say I am writing to give God the glory when in fact, I was more focused on what others would think of me.

I say I created this blog to show to the others that God can use even an imperfect person like me, yet I push myself to be perfect.

I say I am doing this to inspire others to become more like Jesus, when I am not even striving to become like one. Instead, I strove everyday to become more like the author of the last blog I read.

I did not honor God in my writings at all. I was trying to market my writing skills. I was trying to gain human praises.

Jesus Christ is the difference.

So today, I have resolved myself to believe the following things:

I don’t need have to have brains like the other Christian authors have; I have the same Jesus Christ they have.

I don’t have to be scared to share my stories when sharing it also tells the other people how God has worked in it and it brings Him back all the glory.

I don’t have to fear the judging eyes of the other people if only I can come to the humbling realization that everything I am, everything I do, everything I have, only came from the Lord.

As 1 Corinthians 15:10a says, “But by the grace of God I am what I am…”

There is truly nothing I can brag about.

Nothing in my work can bring honor and glory to the Almighty God… except Jesus Christ be in it.

Jesus Christ is the difference.

To God be all the glory!


Heiress of God,

Clyde Yvonne Clima

The love you deserve


Photo: James/Flickr/Creative Commons

Today, I planned a “Me-Time” kind of day. After a long week at work, it was finally my day off. I slept in until 10:45 in the morning and did not get out of bed until 11:45. I took a bath, headed out for lunch with my boyfriend and asked him to drive me to the cafe where I can buy my favorite green tea latte I have been craving for since last night. Bringing with me my MacBook, pens, notebooks, and Bible, I planned to spend the rest of the afternoon by myself, writing and writing and writing… As I settled down, green tea latte in hand, I browsed my blog for articles I started but never got to finish. I tried to continue with one of the 10 articles saved in my drafts, but I still did not get to finish it. I think I spent more than an hour on Facebook instead chatting with one of my dearest girls, listening as she shared a dilemma she is currently facing. Little did I know, this dilemma she is facing would open wounds from the past and would help me realize a few things which would ultimately give me something I can write about! I don’t know how this could help the other ladies out there, but this would serve as a great reminder in the future.

Since I cannot disclose any information about my friend’s situation, I will just share my experience which is almost the same as hers.

So a few years ago, I got involved with someone I should not have been involved with. He had a girlfriend and I knew it well. However, instead of running as far as I can away from him, I did the opposite. I stayed with him. Of course, as expected, over time, we became closer… until it reached the point where he had to choose between me and the girl. He would always tell me, “Just hold on a little bit more. I’m just looking for the right time to tell her.” For weeks I held on to that promise. Weeks turned into months, and still nothing happened. But it was okay, I held on.

Then one day, everything came crumbling down.

His girlfriend eventually found out about us and came and confronted me and him by visiting us at our college. He went after her, of course.  “What do I do now?” I asked myself. Left behind under the rain, I reassured myself, “No… he is not gonna choose her. He would choose me. He promised.” So, I waited. I waited that night, I waited the following day, I waited the following week. But he did not stay true to his promise. He chose her. Even after I stayed with him, he chose her. Even after I waited for months, he chose her.

Again, I asked… “What do I do now? Do I move one or wait for him to come back?”

I was brokenhearted.

But I cannot blame him. I have no one else to blame, but me. I knew perfectly he was someone else’s, and I still did not back off. I brought this to myself, I deserved the pain.

Years after, even after all the wounds have healed and everyone has moved on, I still think about that day and what I could have done differently if I were given the chance.

It wasn’t until today that I had received my answer.

My friend’s situation is slightly different in the fact that she had no idea he was still in a relationship. Not until the girlfriend herself sent my friend a text message informing her of her existence as she read my friend’s message on the guy’s phone.

Slightly different situation, but totally the same question… My friend asked me, “What do I do now?”

This is when I had to look at the scars from the past again.

This is when the answers to my four-year-old questions came directly from my own mouth.

First of all, of course, if you already know the person is in a relationship, do not get involved with him. He would promise you lies, but never believe them. Just stay as far away from them as possible. Think about this… if he cheated on his partner just to be with you, what made you think he will not do it on you with other girls? If a person in a relationship is showing interest in you, that is one heck of a sign that he is NOT the right one for you.

But just in case you belong to the rare situation that’s like my friend’s, I have something different to tell you.

This is what I told my friend, and this is what I would tell all the other ladies out there who may also be in similar situation.


It may not feel like it, but you have the upper hand now. The ball is in your court. It isn’t like you entered that relationship with the knowledge about the other party, so it’s okay. You’re good. However, now that you already know, you have to step out of that mess. Between the three of you, it is you who has the choice. No, not the guy. It is you. Remember, you are not the one who’s at fault here. But that wouldn’t stay true if you stay in that relationship even though you already know the truth.

Think of it like this. Imagine you are in a box with him. You thought it was only just you and him in your own sweet little world. Until someone shed some light and you found out there is another one inside the box with you… and she has been in the box longer than you. Your choices are this.

  1. You can choose to stay in the box and listen to all the promises he would promise you. Promises will include “Just hold on a little bit more, I will fix this.”, “Wait for me. I will choose you.”, “Please give me another chance. It is you whom I love.” And though hurt, a part of you will believe that. You would want to believe that. Because in all honesty, you want him to choose you. So, you can choose to stay inside the box with them and wait your whole life for him to fulfill that promise. If you choose that, let me tell you what the chances are. Chances are, the other girl will feel tired of the tug-of-war and will leave you with him inside the box. You may think that’s a happy ending, but no. You just got left behind with a leftover. With a trash. With someone who isn’t even man enough to make a decision. A coward. Do you really want that for a lifetime partner? Or… as you blindly wait inside the box with them, you may be surprised to wake up one day and find out that both of them have finally mended it, walked away together, and you are left alone in the box. And, yes. That would hurt.
  2. Your second choice is more promising. It would hurt, yes, but not as much as the first choice. You can choose to be the first one to walk away. To be the first one to step out of the box. Choose to be the one who hurt less. Again, it would hurt, but you will get your answer immediately. You will immediately know if he really is the man he presented himself to be. You will know if he truly loves you the way he said he does. Leaving the box may mean you are not giving him a chance anymore, but darling, a man who truly loves you will come after you whether you give him a chance or not. He will pursue you. Actually, a man who truly knows how to love will not put you in this situation in the first place. If you leave the box and he did not come after you, then there’s your answer. Now keep on walking. Do not look back. Do not ever go back to the box.

So you see… even though you have been cheated on, lied to, you do not have to be the one to walk around defeated. It will hurt, so let it hurt. But rise above it. You, daughter of the King, deserves the best. You deserve a love that’s true. You deserve the love only the Heavenly Father has prepared for you. You deserve a man who loves God. Do not ever take any less than that.


Who are you doing it for?

I grew up having a nanny almost all my life. I have never really gotten myself acquainted with chores and cooking as there was always someone who does that for me and my siblings. Even during our h…

Source: Who are you doing it for?

Who are you doing it for?

I grew up having a nanny almost all my life. I have never really gotten myself acquainted with chores and cooking as there was always someone who does that for me and my siblings. Even during our hardest times as a family financially, I would always have an aunt or a grandma who was always willing to help us with stuff around the house. It wasn’t until 2013 that we lost our constant nanny to retirement. She has lived 18 years with us before finally deciding to retire. That’s when things started to change around the house.

After our nanny left, our mom started to give us daily household chores. And my siblings– all three of them — and I especially, hated every single one of it. We would always watch what which chore would go to who, whose chore is a lot easier and whose is the hardest. We were not good at any single chores. We were only good at two things: compare and complain.

We would compare our tasks with one another and complain whenever we feel that it was unfair. We would, however, do it anyway for fear that mom would confiscate our phones, car keys, or change the wifi password. But after that, my siblings and I would hold grudges against each other, thinking that we always do the hardest job and they always get the easiest ones. We would even come to the point we fight about it.


This issue was not unknown even to my boyfriend and to our friends. As silly and petty as it was, this would cause major discussion among us.

Then one Monday morning, as I was busy banging things around the house because it felt like I was doing all the job again , my boyfriend sat me down and stopped me from what I was doing. He reminded me about something I had asked him before when he also experienced feeling overwhelmed with tasks around his home and workplace. The question was, “Who are you doing it for?”

As Christians, we are taught to always do all things for the Lord. Colossians 3:23 says “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;” KJV

Let us dissect the verse, shall we?

WHATSOEVER ye do — the verse didn’t say, “When you are doing the hard tasks, do it for the Lord” nor does it even say, “When you have the easiest task, all the more you have to do it for the Lord.” NO. The verse says WHATSOEVER ye do. Whatever you’re doing, from the hardest task of mopping dog poop from the floor, folding clothes, washing the laundry, or even just breathing… we have to do it for the LORD.

Do it HEARTILY — whatever you are doing, do it heartily. Pour your heart out into it. Give it your best. Not because I said so, or so to please the people around you, but because that is what the Lord said in His Word.

As to the LORD — I repeat, as to the LORD.

NOT unto men — in case you did not get the above phrase, let me just add this… not unto men. Do all things for the Lord and NOT unto men. If you do things for men, our tendency is we count. We count what we do for them and what they don’t do for us. Very rarely do we count what others have done for us and what we did not do for them. In our own mind and hearts, we would always be the protagonist and they would always be the antagonist. That is why this verse tells us to do things for the LORD. Because let’s be honest, what did the Lord didn’t do for you? So what is to mop the floor for Him? What is to wash the dishes for Him? What is to give the dogs a bath for Him?

When you start thinking about all the things Christ has done for you, all these workloads and chores would seem so tiny, the next thing you know you have already cleaned the whole house.

So the next time you are tempted to complain about the dirty dishes, think about how the Lord gave you food to eat that day. The next time you are tempted to complain about the dirty floor, think about how the Lord provided you with a shelter. The next time you are tempted to lash out on your brother for not helping around the house, think about how God has taught you to become the responsible person you are now and how you ought to set an example to your siblings, not by lashing out on them, but by showing them how to really get things done for the Lord: without murmurings.

Have a happy cleaning time!

Philippians 2:14 “Do all things without murmurings and disputings.” KJV

Never let your guard down

And though most readers would look at the title and would assume that this post is another post on love and relationship with lines like “love’s a risk” or “do not put your heart out on your sleeves”, I would like to tell you early on that you are both right and wrong. You are right; this is about love and relationship. You are wrong; this is not some mushy, don’t-risk-it-all-you-braveheart kind of post. This is about purity. And while some of you close this window, or roll your eyes, or even cringe at that word, or give me that “Are you serious? This is the 21st century” look, allow me to write this still for those struggling few individuals we still have out there. Those few who needs help, who have gone out of their way, and could be feeling lost at the moment. Yes, you. This post is for you, young heart.

My previous post talked about trust and a little also about my boyfriend and I. Notice that I am calling him my boyfriend again because after a few counselling, we were reminded that it was God Who has put us together, therefore, breaking up because of the sin of doubt and mistrust is clearly breaking God’s will for both of our lives.

As I have mentioned also in my previous post, our pastors and pastor’s wives are involved in our relationship not because they are some nosy authority, but because my boyfriend and I wholeheartedly believes in Proverbs 11:14 KJV “Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.” And we are indeed blessed to have leaders in our church who genuinely cares for each and every one of their members; yes even this little thing called love.

I believe every time my boyfriend would inform my parents or our pastors that we are going on a date (yes, we would still ask permission and I wouldn’t have it any other way), they would always remind us, “Never let your guard down.” We would always be encouraged to stay pure and to glorify God with our relationship. So what I am going to share with all of you in this post is something some if not all of you have already heard in the past.

Never let your guard down.

Let me assume two things first.

  1. Since you’re here, reading my blog and not some crappy, worldly blogs, I would assume you are a child of God, wanting to do right if not already.
  2. If number 1 is correct, then I would strongly assume that the devil is out there, trying to tear you down. Why? Because you are following God.

So that is basic, so to speak, in our Christian life. If you are out there, really serving God, wanting to please Him and striving to glorify Him with all of your might and heart, then beware. You are on the top of Satan’s list. This is why Paul, in His letter to the church of Ephesus, wrote “Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.” Ephesians 6:11 KJV. If you read the following verses, it states there how you should put on which armour to withstand the evil days. Basically, what he was telling us was, “Gear up; never let your guard down!”

In our day today, where immorality is rampant, and having immoral relationship is nothing but normal, dare to be different, child of God!

If you have not fallen yet, you know pretty well that it will not be easy. However, God in His word promises us that He will supply all that we need to win this battle. When it gets hard, all the more do you need to stand for Christ! You are not of the devil anymore, if you have received Christ as your Personal Saviour already. He has already paid your sins on the cross of Calvary, you are free from the bondage of sin. Do not let Satan deceive you into thinking otherwise. That is the only thing Satan does best, to deceive. So always cling to the truth. Always rest in the presence of the Truth. Remember, Jesus said in John 14:6 KJV “…I am the way, the TRUTH, and the life…” Read His word DAILY. Communicate with Him. Saturate yourself with God’s Word.

Although this post is generally for everyone, this is extra-especially for those who have let their guard down…

If you have, in some way, already failed and fallen flat on your face, do not be dismayed.      1 John 1:9 KJV clearly states “If we confess our sins, he (Jesus) is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.” We are not expected to be perfect; we are expected to be Christ-like. One of the verse that really helped me a lot when I was deep into sin during a phase in my Christian life was Romans 5:20 KJV “Moreover the law entered, that the offence might abound. But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound.”


So do not for a second think that you are too deep into sin that God couldn’t rescue you. His mercy is new every morning. 

  • “What do I do now? I am __ years into relationship with this unsaved boyfriend of mine.”

Just the fact that you are in a relationship with an unsaved individual already means you are living in sin. That is a clear disobedience of God’s law when He said we should not have anything to do with the unbelievers aside from being a witness to them of His saving grace. My advice would be plain and simple, but could be heartbreaking. Break up. You know for a fact also that to break it up with him or her is the right thing to do. Claim God’s promise of strength, and break that hold of Satan in your life. Stop grieving the Holy Spirit and fill your heart with the love and forgiveness of God. For all you know, God has something waaaaay better than the mess you are in right now. Trust Him.

  • “Actually, my girlfriend and I have been churchmates all our lives. We minister together and we are also involve in various ministries of the church. Sure, there are times we have let our guard down, but it’s not like we are not getting married anyway.”

I cannot tell you how many times I have heard and seen this from some of my acquaintances at church. While some do end up getting married before getting pregnant, some got pregnant out of wedlock. Proverbs 6:27 KJV “Can a man take fire in his bosom, and his clothes not be burned?” And even though you did not end up getting pregnant, come on, who are we fooling? A sin is a sin. No matter how small that is, it is still sin. It still placed Christ on the cross. This is not a right-minus-wrong kind of test. You cannot outweigh your sins by being involved in the ministry. If anything, you only bring condemnation on your part. As God had not accepted Cain’s offering, how do you think would He accept yours if you are hiding skeletons in your closet? Clean it up! Do not let your ministry be stained with the dirt of this world. Again, do not be deceived!

Let me end this loooooong post with these encouragements:

  1. 2 Corinthians 12:9 KJV “And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”
  2. Hebrews 4:15-16 KJV “For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.”
  3. Jeremiah 29:11 KJV “For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

You can be assured that I will be praying for you. 🙂

Help, I have trust issues!

I have a problem with trust. And I’m pretty sure, in an earth this size, I am not the only one.

Two nights ago, I broke up with my boyfriend of two years simply because he did not tell me where he was at 9 in the evening. Come to find out, he was just at his cousin’s house, babysitting. I flared up and got all mad at him for “lying”.

To avoid a bigger fight, he walked away. I went home furious.

Then I broke up with him.

I had to inform our pastor about it, since my boyfriend and I were very much involved in church. I had talked this over to the pastor and his wife before, and all I had to say was, “It’s still a problem.” He immediately replied, “Well, honestly, if that is the case, you should just break up.” To which I replied, “I already did, Sir. Last night.”

And before you judge me for breaking up over a silly thing or being impulsive, let me tell you my story.

I come from a broken family. My dad had cheated on my mom for so many times before my mom finally decided to kick him out of the house. I have three half brothers, all of which do not have the same mothers also. When I was old enough to enter a relationship, my first boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend. My second boyfriend got another girl pregnant. The third one cheated on me with a lot of girls over the one year we were together.

This fourth guy was a friend from high school. We had a thing before but it never actually got official since he was younger than me and I met guy number three. So fast forward to college and 2012, our paths crossed again. And to my surprise, he was still into me. So I figured, this would be the last person on earth I would have issues with trust. I trust this guy with my whole heart, for sure. I know that he wouldn’t do anything to hurt me or to make me decide to leave him. I know he wouldn’t leave me for another girl nor would he even dare look at other girls at all. I looked up to him and thought highly of him.

In 2014, we officially started dating. Everything went well. I know this guy would never cheat on me. And technically, actually, he didn’t. You see, we weren’t together until August of 2014. Though he was courting me already since October of 2013, we were never official until August of 2014. Then I found out that in May of 2014, he was flirting with another girl on messenger. I read the exchange of messages, and it was as mild as “I think you’re beautiful…” to which the girl replied, “I think you’re a boy-next-door type of guy…” bla bla bla bla… But it was flirting all the same. I do not know when they actually ended, but according to what I read, the last time they talked was later that month.

But that, my friends, was the beginning of it all.

I wouldn’t trust him after that. Whenever he’s on his phone, I would panic and would immediately ask, “Who are you talking to?” or “Who is texting you?” And if it is some girl that is not his relative, we get into a fight.

I even came to the point where I was jealous of his students. I was like an FBI, snooping around. Checking his social media accounts, checking his search history, checking his messages, checking his call logs. And you can bet for sure that it drained the life out of our relationship.

What used to be fun and light and perfect for us, became dull, unexciting, and burdensome.

But I couldn’t help it. I know I was the problem, but I couldn’t fix it.

And maybe you are experiencing this, too. If you are, then you are the very reason I wrote this. I am sharing this with you because I want you to know that you are not alone. In this trial of yours, you are not alone. I am not alone. We are not alone.

There are a lot of people who are also experiencing what we are experiencing.

I am still struggling with this issue, but let me share with you some points I have learned from my pastor and his wife about this, and I hope and pray this can be of great help to you, too. 🙂


  1. You must realize this is a sin. To think evil of the other people around you is sin. We are commanded by God in His Word to think on the things that are honest, just, pure, lovely, and of good report. To think evil of a person is clearly violating this part of God’s command found in Philippians 4:8. Once we realize this is sin, it would be easy to continue to number two which is…
  2. Forsake it. Forsake it with all of your being. Maybe you’re thinking, “Are you for real? This trust issue is so big a sin?” Well, I did not understand the vastness of it either until with passion and thumping of the table my pastor told me I should forsake this sin. If you are a godly young Christian who is seeking God’s will for your life, this is your weak area that the devil is targeting. Do not let him have the victory! You already have the victory over sin in Christ Jesus! Forsake this sin in your life and…
  3. Claim the victory! My pastor asked me last night, “Well, if you had been praying about this and reading your Bible and it doesn’t seem to work, what do you think could?” It wasn’t until the end of our conversation that I realized I am not claiming the victory. I was just waiting and asking God to give me victory, without realizing it has already been given to me, I just have to claim it! How many times do we walk around defeated just because we did not claim our victory in Jesus? Child of God, let us claim our victory over this! In Jesus’ name, we will overcome this! Satan has no more power over us anymore!
  4. Think positive! This is not going to be easy, but let us start now. If a negative thought comes creeping in, stop it right then and there. Pray and proclaim victory over it in Christ. Just say, “That’s it, devil. That’s how far you can go. I am following Christ now and I am claiming my victory!” Think Christ, think positive. Do not dwell on a negative thought and wallow in it. Cut it immediately as soon as you start thinking about it.
  5. Trust God. Above all, trust God. If a person still betrays you after you have given them your whole-hearted trust, trust God that this is His will. Trust God that He is performing His plan in you. Psalm 118:8 states, “It is better to trust in God than to put confidence in man.” When the focus of your trust is God, you can be sure that no matter the outcome may be, it wouldn’t go uncontrolled, ungoverned, and unnoticed by God.

Continue praying and reading God’s word. Bask in His presence and glory. You can never go wrong in trusting.


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